VENIOX delivers electricity mobility concepts as comprehensive solutions. As a full service partner, we provide all the elements relating to VENIOX systems: ranging from network construction to maintenance, up to the integration of invoicing, data management and process control systems for a modern infrastructure. VENIOX links partners from the sectors of car-sharing for electric vehicles, solar technology and parking management. As one of the leading providers of interactive municipal information systems, VENIOX’ approach integrates the topics “charging” and “information” and thus offer unique and individual solutions for every field of application.


VENIOX is a non-discriminatory supplier of solutions in the field of electric mobility. The young company is privately owned and independent of energy supply companies. One of its shareholders is the Bremen Nehlsen AG, itself one of Germany’s leading waste management companies and also involved in the areas of facility management, technology and security. VENIOX focuses on the marketing of electric mobile charging stations and, besides the standard charging stations, VENIOX is able to offer charging stations using interactive touch displays (12″ or 46″). As suppliers of comprehensive solutions, we believe in a full service approach and deal with the delivery, commissioning, assembly, operations and the legally required safety-engineering tests – enabling our customers to concentrate on their core business.