VENIOX offers tailor-made solutions for every company and is the ideal partner in terms of electric mobility in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Organized fleet management

Deploying electric vehicles as part of a fleet requires structured fleet management. VENIOX can draw on considerable experience in introducing electric mobility in a wide range of different business areas, from taxi-company, to tradesmen up to port handling & transhipment companies. In all cases, substantial savings could be realized.

Electric vehicles are particularly suited as an advertising media to demonstrate the modern and environmental credentials of the company. Energy generated in company-owned solar plants can be harnessed to operate the charging stations.

Car-sharing system with company vehicles

Employees can be enlisted in company-own vehicle-sharing schemes, reducing the number of privately owned vehicles. This is even more the case, if VENIOX charging stations for E bikes are also located on works premises. In industrial areas and trading estates without sufficient public transport links, VENIOX charging stations for E-bikes and electric cars represent a means of providing mobility for employees.

Additionally, VENIOX charging stations, with incorporated display screens, represent ideal company portals, even outside business hours.

Central management & control

The display screens are centrally controlled by management services. On request, VENIOX can provide content management support, including dealing with advertising partners. All display screen solutions are designed for outdoor applications. Using the VE Point Plus, the aspects “charging” and “information” can be spatially separated: the display screen can be installed in a central, visible location or at a house wall whereas the charging station is placed in the car park and is equipped with secure and locked plugs, which can be accessed and unlocked using the display screen.