VENIOX is the neutral partner of choice for municipal utility companies. VENIOX supplies the charging infrastructure, equipped with the branding of the respective municipal utility, to the energy supply companies, which then erect and operate the charging stations under their own name. On request, VENIOX can assists municipalities with the development of comprehensive electric mobility concepts.

State-of-the-art charging technology

VENIOX’s charging stations are equipped with the latest technical standard and already use future legislative norms such as the FI type B. All charging stations are designed in a modular manner to allow replacement of certain elements. If, e.g. a mandatory European norm on plugs for the public area should be introduced, our plug modules can be easily updated. Other systems will require replacement of the entire charging station: this will not be necessary with the VENIOX stations.

Smart-grid-enabled charging devices

Using the VE-Box charging stations, municipal utility companies can establish an even closer relationship with their customers. The charging devices are smart grid-enabled and allow municipal companies centralized control of the charging stations in their region. This enables the development of new pricing models for municipal customers. Here the VENIOX team can assist the municipal companies with its specific expertise.

Individual solutions

VENIOX supports energy supply companies in finding individual solutions for specific customer requests, such as charging stations on work premises or private grounds, including renting of E-cars, E-bikes and Pedelecs. As part of these solutions, VENIOX establishes contact with network partners from the areas of car-sharing and E-bike or Pedelec rental companies.

VENIOX also offers its expertise and supports municipal campaigns concerned with the introduction of electric mobility.